Romance and science- do the two mix?


This week has been the agonising wait since our single day three 8 cell transfer last Thursday. My E2 levels were ok, and I felt like an entire building had been lifted off my shoulders and all the furniture taken out thru my EPU procedure. Actually to be brutally honest, I felt like a giant bloated chicken going in to lay a thousand bloody eggs in one go! Appealing no?

I was feeling better physically and emotionally aswell, the dreadful bloating was easing, my mood was a little more stable perhaps, and the IVF acne was minimally better. However the two week wait or two week torture as preferred in the IF forum world began the day the perfect little 8 cell embryo was transferred.


The doctor told me they selected the best looking one (from a selection of 5) at day 3 to be transferred so if the others make it this one should too. The others would be frozen at the blast stage day 5 if they made it. We had 4 make it to blast stage as perfect grade 1s so this was promising. Since then you are subjected to a few more blood tests to check your levels and ensure you are getting enough progesterone support. After a stim cycle it’s like your body forgets what to do, so you require all this monitoring and extra meds to be taken to support a possible pregnancy should it be successful. This for me was disgusting progesterone pesseries.


This is where the heading to this blog makes sense. Under no circumstances does science and romance mix, I feel so disgusting that even the idea is upsetting! This is not good I might just add, normally a very physical couple I am struggle street with the luck of lust I currently have! DH is very supportive and actually he put a stop to all things romantic before I did (hhmmph) but I still don’t appreciate the lack of drive these meds are giving me!


The wait is nearly over tho; tomorrow (Thursday) I have my very first and very early hcg test to see if anything is happening at all. The test will be repeated on Saturday just in case it is too early or to see if the number doubles but I am not holding out much hope.

In the wait to see if the IVF fresh transfer was successful you cant test, the reason is usually the trigger shot from a week or so ago stays in your system and will give you a false positive, also the progesterone gives you all the pregnancy symptoms you could dream for. Some bloating, sore and large bbs, etc etc, Blah, have had some incredibly awful nightmares and dreams, and my acupuncturist seems to think it has worked but I don’t know!


Wait and see I guess…………


That 7 days…..


What a glorious week we had.  I felt like I was glowing, my skin looked great, I was tired and bathroom trips were getting me up continually but I loved it.  My DH was so attentive; we were in this glorious bubble of post wedding/honeymoon/baby making bliss.

Nothing Is ever perfect and out little problem was in two months we would be moving states for 6 months so I needed to be seen by a specialist asap to ensure we had a private Obs in our home state come D day!  Went to GP’s got positive bloods (levels were a bit low) but GP said “yep” positive and so I booked our private Obs for the following week.  This was clearly very early to be seeing someone but as I said we had moving dates and in NSW we needed a confirmed spot!

I discussed having the afternoon off from work; luckily I had an amazing boss who just said go for it! Appointment was booked for the following Tuesday, 7 days away.

I do regular yoga so I thought I should just let me instructor know, and a program was worked out to avoid any over strenuous positions or twists etc but on the Friday class I had a nagging throb in my lower back that I just couldn’t stretch out.  After class it escalated into sharp pain shooting straight down the back of my thigh.  I thought maybe sciatica or a muscle twinge from softening my yoga practise but I couldn’t shake it!

Saturday morning I woke up suddenly, and I could think was “I didn’t wake during the night to pee” then it hit me, all my glorious, glowing, happy feelings had completely left the building!  Everything felt different, still a minor ache in my back, but everything felt smaller, softer, less full really.


By Sunday night I had my first bleed, I was still getting positive Hpt so I confided in a friend who said her entire pregnancy she had bleed thru.  So my poor little heart clung to every word she said, but my soul new that it was over, this little bean inside me was never going to sprout and it was just a matter of time.


Monday came and by the afternoon I was a mess, emotionally I was a train wreck and the bleeding had got so ridiculous it was time to see a doctor (big ask for me! I am a nurse and DH is a surgeon) but we knew we just needed to be checked.

Emergency department is the next instalment…… 

Good night lovelies xx