Our Easter Miracle

I left you last week with a BIG FAT NEGATIVE.

BY the time I had called the hubby, I had a plan in place. Typical OCD nutcase but this is my coping mechanism. I defend myself against sadness and depression by arming myself with a new project.

My plan consisted of several points.

  1. Abuse doctor
  2. Call Doctor and book an app. To discuss the next step.
  3. Find a new gym, pay membership and torture myself for the next 6 weeks
  4. Make it thru day without a major public breakdown. (JUST)

Fell asleep in a bed of tears that night. Unsure why this was so painfully difficult.  

Continued to take medication as instructed, seemed completely pointless but did as I was told, made it to bloods on Saturday morning within minutes of the clinic closing its doors to clinical appointments. DH came with me for moral support. This was meant to be such a happy day.

Did a crazy pole dance class after my app. Was so much fun and OMG my muscles were burning! Spoke to the parentals and other major supports in my life, discussed my plan of attack. I was feeling more settled by this stage, sad of course but with a plan a I can move forward.


I was meant to call the clinic for results at 12, I completely forgot, remembered just before 1pm, at which time they close. For some reason I suddenly felt frantic, dialled the number faster than ever before and luckily they answered.


“Hi, I’m calling to ask firstly to confirm the results are negative and to ask when I can book in the FET cycle”.


“hi, ok, that’s fine but can we deal with this pregnancy first?”


“What pregnancy?”


“your pregnancy, your numbers are positive, they are low at 14 but it looks like you had a late implanter, we need to do repeat bloods on Monday but I think you can be cautiously happy’






Cried for a day!  

Sunday came and my usually not very religious hubby decided that this was our Easter miracle! I tend to agree, how did things change so incredibly quickly? We went to Easter Mass on Sunday afternoon and lit a few candles, no prizes to guess what we prayed for right?

After church, hubby suggests we go already, I was curious as to where he wanted to go. He suggested the clinic as it was 7pm now and we need to be there on time for tomorrow’s appointment! Haha the clinic is 10 minutes from our house! Bless him! Nervous!

Bloods taken as the doors opened at the clinic Monday morning, I am not sure we even spoke to each other for the next few hours, we went for a long walk, had some breakfast at a local café and gave each other a reassuring squeeze here and there. 12pm I got the call. Bloods results progesterone a little low so increase your Crinone meds but HCG 49!!! MORE than doubled!




Obviously very early, so we haven’t gone public with the news yet other than to my Aunt and Mum, but if something were to go wrong I would need them for support anyway so felt right they know immediately.

So now I am day exactly 12 days post fresh day 3 transfer of a perfect 8 cell embie!


Stay to play little bunny! Please! Xxx we love you already.