Ticket please, a direct line if possible!




The roller coaster that is assisted conception has successful rolled over the first hill!

10 days of syranel nasal spray and my nose hurts, I’m flat as a tack, bloated, emotional and headaches pounding thru my brain despite 3 litres of water a day! Apart from one massive evening of uncountable tears I have only shed the odd few!

A huge part of this journey is waiting without knowledge. What I mean by this is, your miracle is only a few massive hurdles/loops/mountains away but at the base of each hill there is a hurdle that you cannot jump without your tests coming back as they should. I had the first hurdle while waiting for my bloods tests 12 days ago to find out if I could start. This was reliant on finding out if I had ovulated and that my oestrogen was on the way down. I had the blood test then I waited, there was no way of knowing, I felt no different to any other month, I had no ability to control this. Yesterday I had my 10 days on medication/cycle day 2 bloods. This was the next hurdle. I was seriously worried the meds weren’t working; I had no knowledge or way of knowing that they were. Yes, I had side effects but I was also leading up to AF.

Clinic day, I was up and there by 7:30am, I thought this was early and there would be very few people there. NO, how very wrong I was. The place was packed, and how incredibly depressing.   Most of us needing support and people to bounce ideas off write blogs or join support forums,   yet true to social media outlets we can open up and discuss intimate details online but enter a room full of women going thru exactly the same thing and do you think we can talk to each other? You could hear crickets in this room! I was so sad; I even tried to smile at a few ladies that were coming in. Sit here, talk to me….. Silence. Oh how depressing..

The nurses were buzzing around, ladies coming in and out in different states of distress, happiness, confusion etc the raw emotions in this room was extreme. Maybe that’s why we couldn’t talk to each other or barely notice the other women’s existence. We were all in some state of desperate despair to get our miracles and to stop completely breaking down in the middle of a packed waiting room, this required intense focus!

Finally I was called in, I was expecting to be rushed in and out but the nurse was kind, patient, and didn’t seem to be aware of the bursting waiting room. I appreciated this. Bloods were taken and we discussed the barriers to the next step. As much as I try I am unable to be the glass half full person. I was to know all the bad stuff first in order to prepare. Several barriers could jump out. Firstly, pregnant, (unlikely considering I’m on cycle day 2 and WHY NOW?) and also the one I was most stressed out, my oestrogen not at baseline also known as not responding to the meds.

I was given the next round of medications and showed how to inject myself, the dose and the plan just in case everything was perfect and I could start.  I left and went to work to wait the long 6 hours until I could call for results.

Hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock, the clock struck 2:30pm and I was on the phone!

The nurse said and I quote, “wow, you can start tomorrow” sorry? Wow? “Yes your levels are very low, you responded very well to the medication”. No wonder I felt flat I barely had any oestrogen left!

Good news, thank goodness! I finally felt like I could breathe! The meds were in the nurses fridge at work, hiding in the back out of sight and my little IVF train chugging along added some more coal and repeated “I think I can, I think I can”


drug me up!


So now we had a plan, this is a big step and an expensive step but when it’s to make a family you don’t tend to dwell on the negatives.

So now a couple of issues arise, firstly the question of do you tell your work? You know you will need some days off and will need to duck out to appointments here and there.  But, can you do this without telling them? And, secondly, do you tell family and friends?

I am currently in a new city so I decided to tell my closest friends in Sydney and my fav Aunty and Mum. A girl needs her favourites for support.  I also decided I would tell my director and line manager, this turned out to be the best decision possible as I was knew in this job and didn’t want to test the boundaries to far without support.  Turned out my line manager had 4 IVF babies! Ok, so support locked in, thankyou ladies!   I’ll let you know what hubby told his boss later!

I could now happily and obsessively google, research, read, re-read, all the info I possibly could for the type of cycle they had picked for me!

In IVF everything seems to be planned around a women’s age, the only thing that was confirmed was we needed ICSI due to hubby’s lack of morphology.  I am young, with no diagnosed issue yet, agonist cycle was planned out for me.  This is the down regulation cycle. Also known as the Long cycle! More waiting, but at least you are actively doing something I guess.


Syranel nasal spray once mane, once nocte. Start Friday! Or day 19 ish

Bloods Monday 24th to see if I can start Injections of 150 puregon.

So now it’s the 21st, I have three more days until bloods and the next step confirmed.

The nurse said I am unlikely to be at risk of OHSS but actually more at risk of under stimulation. I didn’t like this much! Under stimulating means, not enough follicles, leading to not enough eggs, and they won’t take me for EPU (egg pick up) unless I have more than 6. Luckily they monitor you closely during the next few weeks so hopefully they will increase meds if they pick up on that.

But for now I am on day 7 of first meds, the spray.  I had expected to feel nothing to be honest.  However, I was brutally wrong.  By day 3 I was emotional, headaches, tired, dry eyes, and generally achy.  I actually feel like a 65 year old woman.  I have no energy and no libido.  Blah! These are all common side effects so I guess it gives me confidence its working but I already miss my old self.

Hubby was late home from work yesterday and frustrated after a busy day.  I asked him a simple question and he snapped at me, didn’t yell, raise his voice or anything but the tone and speed of the reply wasn’t ideal.  Normal me would snap right back, hormonal suedo menopausal me burst into tears!   That was it, I sobbed, hurt thru to my soul for about an hour.  I think it was the first time hubby really noticed how much the meds were getting to me. Poor kid! I got a massage and he did the washing up! Maybe it’s worth it after all 😉