What a weekend


I left you the night before second round bloods. I have to admit my anxiety levels were thru the roof!  Having no control over something as important as making a family is awful! I felt completly useless and being the A type Leo personality I am, (also genY) I cannot stand this feeling! I have to use every will power I have to not knock the heads off all i come across!

I want control, its the only way I can take a step back, breath and enjoy what ever else is happening in life.  I found myself so wrapped up in this infertility cycle that I am forgetting that the earth is still spinning around me.  I am living one blood test to the next, one scan to the next, one phone call to the next. Its tiring….


There is so much out of your control when you are cycling. One minute you feel good, positive, happy the next your feeling sick, tired super emotional. I went for bloods Saturday morning and the nurse scared me more. She was only trying to be helpful and honest, and I know this, but no one wants news if it isn’t good! Waiting, waiting, “surely my E2 levels can’t jump that high over night?” got the call, 15000 up from 9000 CRAP! Its high the nurse said but not too high! The stress levels start to level out and I am confirmed to trigger sat night. That’s two ovideral shots! Theses shots hurt! It’s like a thick gel pushing into your skin! Thank god these aren’t IM injections!


I now have a drug free Sunday! It’s nice to not have my “meds” alarm scream at me at 6:30am then at 7:30 am then again in the night! But I feel like I am carrying around to giant bags of grapes on each ovary! I am heavy, bloated, tired, emotional, and anxious! Anything else?   Monday comes and I am nervous and excited, I just want these things out now! I want to feel like myself again. My Aunty/BFF came to stay with us to help me out and be the Support person/responsible adult post-surgery for me which was such a blessing. There was so much going on both emotionally and physically and DH had his own appointments he had to attend so he couldn’t be there for me too! The EPU was fairly stress free, gowned up like a clown and placed on the table, drip and fluids in, doctors and nurses all around. At this clinic the use sedation but not a GA, I actually expected twilight sedation, the one where you are kind of awake but might not feel too much. The last thing I remember is the nurse putting the stirrups on the bed and someone saying “is she still with us?

Woke up, cold and groggy in recovery, BP in my boots but a nurse telling me to” drink this tea”. I was out and on the way to my home and bed in 25 minutes. The whole thing only taking a one and half hours or so.


So long story short, DH was successful, I was being nursed at home and sleeping the drugs away.

13 eggs

BY Tuesday 9 fertilized

By Wednesday 8 progressing well!

Hopefully tomorrow will be transfer day! And maybe a few frosties for next cycles and/or more bubs!