Bad bad blogger!


Bad bad blogger!

Apologies, I have been MIA for a while now, I honestly don’t know what happened, I just lost my drive to write, talk, move, sleep, work, breath….   I think I honestly just got a bit overwhelmed.

So I left you at 10 weeks with family struggles and morning sickness lasting all day.  I am now 17 weeks!  We just got back from overseas actually, we decided to have a quick baby moon of sorts but as you can imagine it’s never as relaxing as you hope it will be.  We went to Amsterdam and had a glorious few days there.  The nausea settled down, beautiful food at every corner, we cycled around the city, stayed in stunning hotels, it was glorious! Then we went to my hubby’s home town to visit family.  It was a bit stressful at times but overall we had a good visit and DH had some needed family time.  Bit hard to be with all his old friends from school etc. for long periods  especially when you can’t drink and your tired all the time but we made it work even if that meant the compromise was I went home alone a few times so he could party.

While we were away I few off days, I don’t know if I mentioned but I bought a foetal heart Doppler.  I hadn’t had any luck with it before we left but I figured we were too early so it didn’t stress met o much however for some reason at approx. 16 weeks I tried again, couldn’t find a HB and as I was already not feeling great I lost my shit! Excuse the language!  I actually panicked, DH was very helpful.  Although he thought I was being a bit silly (which I was) he made some calls and within 2 hours we were in a specialist of foetal radiology office clothes off and being scanned!

There was a heartbeat, bub looked amazing and we ended up having a full morphology scan! I stated a few times that I didn’t need all of this, I just needed to know if bub was ok! But, a full scan is what we got and I am happy to say that bub was measuring well, strong heartbeat! Bub was totally chilled out, wondering what all the fuss was about I am sure! Laying around, kicking legs a few times with one arm strategically placed behind the head.  Looked relaxed as!

We had planned to find out the gender at the 19 week scan with our normal FS/OBS in AUS, however the DR overseas showed us the ultrasound and there was no denying or secrets to be kept!

It is a BOY!

I guess he could be wrong as we were only 16 weeks at the time of the scan but at this stage we a celebrating our SON!


Also this week now that I am back at work I had to let the team know that we are expecting, you see I have kept this a little secret other than my boss knowing, but I seriously popped while away and its very obvious now!

We are now officially out and proud!