Bio: Hello, and welcome to my story! I am Rebecca, 26 years old and dreaming of being a mum. I am a nurse, married to a gorgeous 37 year old workaholic surgeon. Craziness is my general state of mind! making a baby is proving tricky! "your 26, cant be that hard" I hear you say.... well it takes two to tango lovelies! Hop on board the dream and follow along as I take you thru the ups and downs of Romance and Science interchanging to create a family! Our journey so far: First kiss on my 22 Birthday July 2009, On and off for a few months but both knew this was it. Married 2013, witha plan to make a Honeymoon baby! We did! concieved in Italy, oh how romantic, MC at 5wks 4 days 6 months with NADA (Iknew something was wrong, get immediate referral for FS) tests confirm I am ok but DH (dear Husband) has 3% morphology 😦 DH starts vitamins etc if not UTD in three months its IVF March 2014, three months later NADA, get new FS March 21st start Down reg cycle with new FS ten days later start Stimming scans bloods scans bloods scan boods etc April 7th EPU Thursday 10th April transfer 1 single grade 1 8 cell embie! BFP! bloods 7 dpt- 2 (NEGATIVE) 10 dpt-14 12 dpt- 49 14 dpt- 149 16 dpt-318 20 dpt -1700 24 dpt 2700 28 dpt- 10'000! woohooooo still early but it with a chance!

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