guess what I saw!



Guess what I saw!

So it’s been a good week overall actually, although I did have a little scare…

I had bloods done at the clinic on Tuesday and they had risen to 73’230. This was good news and everything was looking great. I then however ran into my FS at work. He cornered me and said “right, we need to scan you, and I will do it, not the clinic. So you can come and see me on Tuesday, but try to remember at this stage 1 In 5 ends in MC. Your numbers look good so I have my fingers crossed for you”.  Cue stunned look turning into complete melt down. Now I had been very positive up until this point, but when I was suddenly thrown into doubt land it knocked me for two!


I am a nurse, I have had a MC before, and you don’t need to explain the odds to IVF ladies! WE KNOW! So of course this sent me into overdrive, googling blighted ovum’s, missed MC, etc etc. Not good for your head any of this. It was a long, long wait between Thursday and Tuesday (today) until we were squeezed in for a scan today.


So there we were, I couldn’t breathe, I hadn’t slept, I was sitting with my Hubby, already in his scrubs ready for OT and in a dark, empty hospital corner waiting for our Dr to grab us before his regular clinic started.   I actually cannot describe the hopelessness this made me feel. Dear hubby was doing his best to distract me with trivial things, but I could tell he was nervous too. Then our specialist popped his head round the corner and took us in. I was straight up on the table and ready to roll, but DH was uncomfortable and nervous, he had to be instructed where to sit (dr’s make the worst patients). Then I was given the “now just relax, legs out, and I let me look first as I can’t talk and look, multitasking isn’t my thing”. Yeah right, as soon as the probe was in I saw it and let the world know! A beautiful beating heart, clear as day. The dr had to wait for me to calm down before he could measure everything, but we are right on track at 7 ½ to 8 weeks.


A perfect day.


Please stay to play little Bunny we love you already.



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