An update of our Easter mIracle.

It has been a week now and I actually managed to wait the week before going for more blood tests. This week my DH and I decided we would live “normally”. Although we still spoke of and to our bunny, we attempted to talk of other things, and not focus on every little twinge or fear I felt. This worked really well, we were calm, and we had a fun weekend, despite DH working most of the time. We actually made it to 6 days since last test without getting nervous beyond belief. However as usual the day before the blood tests I couldn’t help but allow a few nerves to creep in.   I had no reason for this, my acupuncturist who I have decided to trust with my life as she has been right on the mark since before we even started the IVF cycle said everything was fine and to relax. It’s funny how sometimes combing western and eastern medicine meshes so well I don’t know which is to thank for our success? One more than the other? A combination? A higher being?  This was an Easer miracle remember. However the point is my Chinese medicine therapist/acupuncturist was right all along, she knew I was pregnant, she knew my levels had only risen slightly at one point, she knew when they had shot up. She calms my nerves the day before blood tests and I appreciate this, also I sleep beautifully after treatment and that is always a bonus.


So I thought I would borrow the timeline idea from other bloggers and update it as we progress.

Where are we at? Week 7 technically, however we had a late implanter so I think we might be a little behind this.

Most recent HCG and prog: HCG jumped on Tuesday 13th to 39’995 up from 10’000 a week ago. Progesterone jumped from 71 to 105! Woohoo

Medications I am on: 4 progesterone pesseries a day; however after the last blood tests I can drop it down to 3 a day.

Side effects of the meds: hard to say but it is defiantly making me bloated, gassy and is playing havoc on my bowels. Gross!

Pregnancy symptoms: tiredness and lethargy, if I am not eating I have an uneasy queasiness continually, bloating, little twinges, headaches, extremely vivid dreams, sometimes nice dreams but mostly weird nightmares. Loo breaks 2-3 times a night. Citrus cravings and food aversions such as chocolate, caffeine, and sometimes just anything! I need regular small meals as apparently cant scoff down my usual hearty amount.

Weight: Unsure, I defiantly put weight on during the IVF cycle, and now I think I am just seriously un-toned, but likely put a bit on tooL. DH has put me on a strict limited exercise regime until we get the scan. Also I feel too tired anyway.

What’s next? Bloods on Tuesday 20th, and then a scan on 22nd. I have refused a scan until this point. It is my choice when we have a scan really, and as long as my bloods indicate everything is fine I don’t really think there is a problem with waiting. My clinic were good, they didn’t force it but suggested it happen soon. So by next Thursday we will be about 7 ½ to 8 ½ weeks so we should get an accurate measure and heart beat (fingers crossed). I am trying to not be demanding, I just don’t want unnecessary tests. I feel that me and bunny have been thru enough and should just be left to have a nice happy, safe pregnancy. I do realise it is important to have scans and tests, but I want the minimum if possible. Also my acupuncturist agrees as she was concerned scanning at 6 weeks would firstly cause unnecessary stress if we didn’t see a heartbeat yet, and also vibrations from the ultrasound this early is not healthy or needed. I don’t want to increase the risks of MC if it can be avoided.


How is DH: DH is very happy, we has started talking to bunny and likes to kiss my belly. It’s totally cute. Also something that I am finding just so adorable is that he has started to thank me. Sounds odd I know, but when he leaves for work for example he will give me a kiss and say thanks for looking after Bunny. I like this.

Who knows: My mum, aunty and uncle as they are our support team, also my best friend, she is an amazing support and as she has just had a bub it’s nice to get a fresh perspective. Also my boss at work knows, I work independently but do have to report to the NUM at this clinic, as she had to ok the several days off. I can’t even explain how grateful I am to this woman. Nurse mangers in my experience are bitter and twisted old bags who hate all. But this one and in fairness my previous NUM are both exceptional managers and I am forever thankful for their support. My current boss checks in with me nearly daily and is always able to calm my nerves. Perhaps it’s because all 4 of her kids are IVF miracles? Both DH and I are keen to tell his immediate family and my close girlfriends, and we will, but first we want a strong heartbeat next week.



Please stay to play little Bunny, we love you already.

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